ECO Business
ECO Business

As a part of ECO Business, we are serving the retrofit service for EGCS(Exhaust Gas Cleaning System) on turnkey basis from arranging retrofit shipyard till sea trial with combination of the retrofit of BWMS(Ballast Water Management System).

Scope of Work

  • Retrofit installation supervision(Hyundai Materials)
  • Retrofit engineering and procurement (Hyundai Materials)
  • Commissioning
  • Service work for Guarantee claim and After Sales

Product Maker and Model

  • Hyundai Materials (U & I type, Open loop & Hybrid)
  • Hi-air (I type, Open loop)
  • Viswa (I type, Open loop)
  • Wartsila(U type, Open loop)

Strength Points and Advantages of UNI:ON

  • Turnkey Contract for EGCS Retrofit including :
    • Arranging repair yards
    • 3D Scanning, Feasibility study
    • Supply Complete sets of EGCS and material for retrofit
    • Supervision service for installation
    • Installation service
    • Commissioning service
    • Sea trial
    • Operational and maintenance Training service for Ship’s crew
    • After sales service
  • Certified engineers for EGCS installation and commissioning including ancillary equipment as CEMS and Water Monitoring System
  • About 40 projects of retrofit supervision and/or commissioning will be done by end of 2019.

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